What is History?

  • Celebrating the past puts the present in context.
  • When you drink the water, remember who dug the well.
  • There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.
  • History is a panoramic view of the evolution of the organisation.
  • Everything that Mens Wellbeing is today stands on the shoulders of our founding fathers. These founding fathers often operated on a wing and a prayer, breaking new ground with every step.
  • Mens Wellbeing is a tree with many branches, supported by many roots in the old days and people.

This series will be a compilation of recollections and documents comprising the history of Mens Wellbeing. There may be gaps and differing views which require filling, clarification and verification.

Information for this series has been gathered from many sources. The initial resource was the huge store of paperwork held by Trevor Ozanne and gathered in the years since the Mt Glorious Festival organising days. Mens Wellbeing Administrator Scott Grimmett provided a wealth of information from the archives. There is also a large collection compiled by Trevor and Scott of brochures from the south-east Queensland gatherings. Mentor Magazines were another wonderful resource of happenings over the years. Some internet search provided worthwhile results. Importantly the recollections of a number of men, some verbal, some audio and some written, came from members of the extended men’s movement across almost three decades.

Cross-checking and corroboration was enabled by the variety of sources and a number of men have read different parts of the history to confirm accuracy—as far as memories and recollections allow.