Manhood 2023

Manhood 2023

Gold Coast Hinterland Men's Gathering

Numinbah Valley, Gold Coast Hinterland
25 August 2023 4:00 pm - 27 August 2023 2:00 pm

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25 August 2023 4:00 pm - 27 August 2023 2:00 pm Numinbah Valley, Gold Coast Hinterland

What if our successes and struggles are of equal value?

Our paths inevitably have good times, and bad. When our path in life becomes challenging, our relationship to that challenge becomes ever more important. In difficult times we can resist our path or we can embrace it.

Manhood Men’s Gathering is a rich opportunity to slow down, get real, and connect with other men committing to Embrace the Path of their lives.

For over twenty years, Manhood has helped thousands of men discover themselves, celebrate masculinity and build lasting friendships with other good men.

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Manhood 2023 medallion logo "Embracing the Path"

Why should we embrace our path as men?

How do we embrace our paths?

What does the Elder in all of us know about embracing our path?

Manhood 2023 invites you to connect with other men and reflect on your challenges, successes and share your relationship to both.

We are a community and a culture that is open, accepting, warm and non-judgemental. Every man is welcome and can expect to learn and share equally. Come along and share your story and listen to the stories of other men. Deep respect is asked and given.

The gathering is held in the beautiful Numinbah Valley of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Enjoy mountain country, fresh air, a mountain stream with a waterfall, fire pits and spectacular views.

How it works

From the time of your arrival on Friday afternoon through to departure on Sunday afternoon, our men’s gathering is a safe, non-judgemental, and supportive community to explore connection, experience, honesty and personal challenge.

We are open to men of any background, career, religious, political or sexual persuasion. Attendees can be from 18 to 80+ years of age, and although there is no “average” attendee, we often find our men are seeking a better way to understand themselves and live a better life.

Your registration includes accommodation, all meals and activities. We encourage men to bring any musical instruments they play, e.g. digeridoo, guitar, drums, etc.


Contact Us

Scott Grimmett
Bookings, cancellations, assistance


T: 07 3067 3449

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require you to be vaccinated for Covid19, however if you experience Covid19 symptoms or close, recent, contact with a known case you must not attend our gathering. You will not need a medical certificate to obtain a refund. All cancellations relating to Covid19 will be refunded in full without question. We follow all Qld Health guidelines in force at the time of the Gathering.
All our weekend gatherings are able to cater for vegetarian and vegan diets as well as diets that must avoid dairy and/or gluten. You will be asked for your diet in the booking process.
Alcohol and any recreational drugs including cannabis are not permitted. You must leave these at home. We further encourage you to leave your mobile phone at home, or at least locked in your car for the weekend! There will be a designated area for tobacco smoking but we encourage you to cut back or go without for the weekend.
Bornhoffen offers 9 cabins of 12 beds and 7 cabins of 8 beds. If you need a powerpoint for a CPAP machine, or are concerned about your snoring, please indicate this when you book.
We offer a car pooling service as part of your registration. As a driver or passenger you will be matched to another attendee from nearby the weekend before the gathering and put in touch by email. (Passengers from more remote locations face the chance we won't be able to offer a driver sharing their route and should bear this in mind when booking.)
Men under the age of 18 (and over the age of 16) may attend our weekend gatherings if accompanied by their father or adult male guardian. Please contact our office to understand these additional conditions and book.
Mens Wellbeing Inc is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in Queensland. About Us
The majority of work for volunteers is on the afternoon before the event opens, as we are setting up the venue for over 100 men! There are further tasks throughout the weekend but these would take less than 2 hours out of your day. Volunteers can apply for a reduced-price ticket by calling 07 3067 3449. Places are limited, so apply early!
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable and warm clothing for day and night
  • Medicines (clearly marked)
  • Shoes
  • Pillow, Sheets and blanket OR sleeping bag
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Bathers
  • Yoga mat (if you have one and are interested in joining the morning yoga group)
  • Pen and writing material
  • Torch
  • A musical instrument if you want to participate in the concert
  • Optional: an object or photo of personal significance. We will be providing a sacred space for these precious items for you to honour & everyone to see.
  • An open heart and mind!
A men's gatherings is a place for men from every background, religious, political and sexual persuasion to meet in a spirit of honesty and trust and openness. We encourage men to feel free and be real with themselves and others in a supportive environment. Expect a warm welcome and plentiful conversation and laughter, with many opportunities to get to know yourself and others in a strongly grounded space of respect, growth and trust. We run workshops, exercise activities, and small conversation groups over the course of the weekend. We come together for healthy meals cooked by our experienced kitchen crew. All activities, food and accommodation are included in your single ticket price. Your weekend can be busy with workshops or quiet with relaxation. The choice is totally up to you.
Our standard cancellation policy is published at Terms and Conditions and has has been updated in light of Covid19. If you experience Covid19 symptoms or learn you have been in contact with a known case you must not attend our gatherings. You will not need a medical certificate to obtain a refund. All cancellations relating to Covid19 will be refunded in full without question. We will follow all Qld Health guidelines in force at the time of the Gathering.
Not at all. Many men come along to our gatherings simply to relax, network with other men and enjoy a light-hearted “men‘s space” of camaraderie and like minds. Men can either attend workshops they feel drawn to, or not. Our Common Ground Men’s Groups are a space of supported growth for going deeper into life’s issues, in a place of respect and without pressure.
You do not need fixing. You are the captain of your ship and it is you who will navigate your own course. We are here to encourage and support whatever your choices are. Our programs offer you opportunities to learn new skills and enjoy experiences that can change the way you look at your life and relationships.
Absolutely! Rollicking belly laughs are part and parcel of the our men’s gathering experience. We all have been boys once and having fun is part of our birthright!
Our community has many valuable members including some men who are same-sex oriented. They are no more or less in number than in general life and many of our members don’t actually know or even ask these questions because it simply doesn’t matter. You will find our community more interested in ‘who you are’ more than your job or who you share your bed with.
The inner judge is the worst kind! This is the judge you will have your biggest wrestle with as Mens Wellbeing understands the need for honesty and respect and these values are woven through everything we do. Our programs are not a test you must pass, they are an opportunity to look at yourself and your life, as you choose to, and make your own decisions about what your next step is.
We reserve a small number of half-price tickets for men in financial need. To apply, please call 07 3067 3449.
Sorry, no pets are allowed.
Mens Wellbeing has no religious affiliation or bias. All men are welcome regardless of religious belief, nationality or sexual orientation. Our core values are honesty, respect and authenticity. There is no getting it right or wrong in our programs.
Our programs are tried and tested. You will be supported and you will not be judged. Our goal is to provide the place where you can challenge yourself to be your best without any pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

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