Common Ground Facilitator Training (Level 1), October 2023

Common Ground Facilitator Training (Level 1), October 2023

Relaxation Centre of Qld, 15 South Pine Road, Alderley QLD
28 October 2023 9:00AM - 29 October 2023 4:00PM

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28 October 2023 9:00AM - 29 October 2023 4:00PM Relaxation Centre of Qld, 15 South Pine Road, Alderley QLD

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed a Mens Wellbeing Common Ground program.

This training is the first step to becoming a Common Ground facilitator. After completion the participants will be qualified to join a Common Ground program as a trainee facilitator.

The only prerequisite is that you have completed the Common Ground program yourself so you know what that is like. You don’t need to have had any experience as a facilitator or a group leader.

The training is both fun and challenging. Participants are asked to look into themselves and discover what they can contribute to a Common Ground group as well as having a chance to learn more about facilitation and to practice their leadership skills.

Note that doing this training does not commit you to facilitating a Common Ground, it is just the first step and you only go on to the next step if you want to.

Finally, we ask you to pay $295 towards the cost of the program, if that is a problem for you then please contact us.

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9AM-5PM Saturday 28th and 9AM-4PM Sunday 29th October 2023

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Marcus Hodges

T: 0450804011

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T: 07 3067 3449

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require you to be vaccinated for Covid19, however if you experience Covid19 symptoms or close, recent, contact with a known case you must not attend our gathering. You will not need a medical certificate to obtain a refund. All cancellations relating to Covid19 will be refunded in full without question. We follow all Qld Health guidelines in force at the time of the Gathering.
Alcohol and any recreational drugs including cannabis are not permitted. You must leave these at home. We further encourage you to leave your mobile phone at home, or at least locked in your car for the weekend! There will be a designated area for tobacco smoking but we encourage you to cut back or go without for the weekend.
Mens Wellbeing Inc is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in Queensland. About Us
Our community has many valuable members including some men who are same-sex oriented. They are no more or less in number than in general life and many of our members don’t actually know or even ask these questions because it simply doesn’t matter. You will find our community more interested in ‘who you are’ more than your job or who you share your bed with.
Sorry, no pets are allowed.
Mens Wellbeing has no religious affiliation or bias. All men are welcome regardless of religious belief, nationality or sexual orientation. Our core values are honesty, respect and authenticity. There is no getting it right or wrong in our programs.

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