Mens Wellbeing Elders

The Men’s Wellbeing Elders have been chosen by themselves or others, to take on the task of establishing an eldership tradition in the Men’s Wellbeing community. Discussions within the Elders community have made it apparent that contemporary eldership is difficult to define and nail down, it clearly contains elements of mystery, it probably contains a spiritual dimension and it usually involves a commitment to service of some kind, as a result each Elder may have a different view of what eldership means to them.

Elders do not see themselves as holding a position of privilege or authority over anyone. Eldering ‘work’ is more about intention than particular actions, the intention is to serve the wellbeing of men, women, families and communities in whatever ways seems appropriate in any one moment.

The Men’s Wellbeing Elders are a growing community of experienced men, collectively they represent a vast and evolving resource. Contact the Men’s Wellbeing Admin for further details.

List of our Elders by name