In previous generations and cultures, old age bought with it an invitation to eldership. In the days when we still enjoyed coherent communities, the wisdom of age was called upon to contribute to the vitality and sustainability of a community. Elders were tasked with the role to serve their communities, to protect cherished values, and to do their best to ensure the next generation inherited a vibrant and healthy culture.

Today, in most communities, the Elders amongst the elderly are mostly ignored and communities suffer as a result.

Within the Mens Wellbeing community there are many men who are called upon by others to support them when their lives are challenged and they are unsure what to do — or life may be going well for them but they wished to “grow” in a particular area and so they seek a man who has skills and experiences in a field that they want to learn from.

Mentoring is a relationship process in which a man (the mentor) assists another (the mentored) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the other’s learning or personal growth.

Fundamental to the success of mentoring is for the mentored to define what they are wanting and for the mentor to honestly admit if they have the knowledge or capacity to impart the wisdom, information or skills being sought. From there it’s completely open as to how it will happen but knowing what your intention or goal is, and having a time-frame are an excellent start.

List of our Elders by name