Week 4 payment for Common Ground

Common Ground is not run for a profit, in fact much of the effort and costs to run the program are donated, keeping fees to a minimum. Nevertheless, there are costs to the program that we have to cover and we don’t get any government or other subsidy.

The fees we charge are on a sliding scale which means that those who earn more pay more, while those who earn less pay less. This allows us to always provide a man a place on the program even if he is in very difficult financial circumstances.

We don’t ask you to tell us your income. That is private to you. Instead, the system is run on trust. You know what your household income amounts to (after tax) and we ask you to contribute accordingly.

How this works:

  • Everybody pays the $40 sign-on fee before the program starts to lock in their place.
  • Once we start you are asked to make your contribution according to your means. Be assured that if you need to make a smaller payment because of financial difficulty no-one on the program will know, not even the facilitators, because the payment processing is done by our administration staff.
  • If you have a good income, thank you for making a significantly bigger payment. This will enable another man to attend the program. You will probably never meet him and he will never know who supported him.
  • Please make your second payment by week four of the program.
  • Select your payment amount using this table:.
Per-week After TaxSign-on FeeWeek 4 FeeTotal
Under $500$40$50$90
Over $1200$40$630$670

4 Week Payment Form – Common Ground
Prices includes GST
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