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Ch. 14 Men’s Groups

Put simply a Men’s Group is a group of men who come together regularly to hear and support each...
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Ch. 13 The Elders

An elder is a person who is still growing, still a learner, still with potential and whose life continues...
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Ch.12 The Rock Bush Retreat

read Ch.11 read Ch.13 There has been a beautiful tract of forested land sitting, waiting, unused up on Mt...

Ch.11 Common Ground

read Ch.10 read Ch.12 David Greenwood (President 2009 – 2011) has been credited with terming Common Ground as a...
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Ch.10 Communications

As activities grew there came a desire to establish and maintain communication links with interested parties.
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Ch.9 Men’s Health & Wellbeing Association

The emergence of Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association onto the Queensland landscape was to provide a significant impact on...
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Ch.8 Gold Coast happenings

A significant step in the evolution of MHL came at the suggestion of Kerry Cronan. With an awareness of...
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Ch.7 Men’s Help Line

read ch.6 read ch.8 The establishment of the Men’s Help Line, as a men’s telephone contact and referral service,...
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Ch.6 More goings on

This chapter considers various goings on that were a part of the Australia-wide landscape as the current Mens Wellbeing...