The Rock The Rock is an oasis of rugged, unspoiled beauty hidden away amongst hard-working cattle country in the hills west of Brisbane, near Esk.

Natural features at the site include a spectacular bush kitchen and dining area, a natural swimming hole and enough privacy and natural beauty to soothe the most jagged nerves.

The property is leased to Mens Wellbeing by Powerlink and boasts a house perched on the edge of a rock cliff overlooking a permanent creek. Rescued from vandals and certain demolition by past-president Chris Johnson, the facilities are now well maintained and suitable for gatherings of men, boys and their families.

This slide-show from a bushwalking group shows many of the features on the property. Their visit was organised by our member “Picnic Pete”.

Using the Rock

The Rock is available to members and our partner organisations. For more information please contact via email or call 07 3067 3449.

Several programs use the venue: Common Ground groups may use the centre for part of their program; retreats can be run for marginalised men; programs can be offered for men and their partners; and our partners Powerhouse Programs run  Journey to Manhood camps utilising all facets of the campsite, while the Pathways Foundation have made this their Southeast Queensland base for their Pathways to Manhood youth program.

How You Can Help…

We are fortunate to receive a few private donations and are seeking further donations of time and money to improve the resources. We regularly schedule working bee weekends that you can also support. Many of our volunteers, and volunteers from Pathways Foundation and Powerhouse Programs have spent many weekends repairing, constructing, reshaping, care-taking, and weeding at The Rock.

The Mens Wellbeing Rock Committee regularly arrange working bees and if you wish to be involved, please contact

We particularly thank John Dash and Robert Ah Hoon, Tim Easton, Oliver Bergel, Greg Warren, Greg Sherlock, Ross Macrae, Andy Roy and of course Chris Johnson for the many, many hours of work they have put into The Rock over the years.

Powerlink QueenslandWe are very grateful to Powerlink Queensland who own this property and surrounding land for generously leasing it to the Mens Wellbeing in return for our commitment to care and maintain the property and bushland.