Bedrock is a smaller, more intimate, and unique Mens Wellbeing gathering held annually at The Rock. Sponsored by our  Elders, the weekend flows with ease and grace by being less structured than our larger gatherings. This also means more opportunities to connect at a deeper level to the land, to the gathered community, and to ourselves.

In 2017 BedRock took place over the weekend 15-17 September. Our theme the nature of service wove a weekend of learning how mindful listening works. Held at The Rock (our retreat site just west of Brisbane), the gathering began at 6PM on Friday and ran until 2PM Sunday. As a special treat, men able to take Monday off were able to stay until 2PM Monday. A total of 32 men attended.

BedRock is the perfect first gathering for men who are new to men’s work, allowing time for your to communicate at new levels, not only with more experienced men, but with other men who are learning the ropes of man-to-man communications.