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Mentor is our regular print publication that offers members and supporters information and perspectives relating to the wellbeing of men. It includes stories and reports about Mens Wellbeing activity and programs such as Common Ground, our weekend Gatherings, and contact information for groups and organisations that offer other valuable services for men.

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Mentor is a means for members to express their opinions about topical issues, or to simply share an experience, a story, a slice of humour, a stanza of prose or a tale of triumph or tragedy. Stories of mateship, brotherhood, fathering, partnering or just life in general are all welcome. Good jokes are especially welcome as there is no better tonic for the weary than a good laugh.

As a general rule, we do not print articles that prescribe ‘how it should be’ or that ‘real men are like this or that’. Rather we prefer articles that encourage men to explore for themselves what it means to be a modern man, and our firm intention is that there will be something for everyone in every edition. If you would like to see something new in Mentor, or you see something that challenges your sense of what is appropriate, then please let the editor know. Constructive input is the lifeblood of this growing, healthy publication.

The vast majority of what is printed is written by members. Mentor is only as good as the men who take the time to share their stories or to contribute their points of view. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to have your words printed in Mentor. You need only write from the heart. Even those men who harshly judge their writing skills may discover that the best articles are not so much well written as they are written from a place of authenticity.

If you are one of the many men who tell themselves they cannot write, then we invite you to give it a try to share yourself through words while remembering that perfect grammer grammar is the domain of linguists and fluffy phrases of poets.


  • Articles should be 1,000 words;
  • Send articles to Paul at
  • We prefer attachments in Microsoft Word format. If computers give you the creeps, then we will accept hand-written pages. Post to PO Box 1633, Coorparoo Qld 4151 or fax to 07 3009 0436;
  • Don’t bother formatting your document, we prefer to do that when laying out the magazine;
  • Do include a couple of photos with your article whenever possible, even (especially!) of yourself. It is good to put a face to the author or group you are writing about.
  • Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation because our Editor can fix that quickly. Your ideas and message are what is important;
  • If you need any advice, look in your previous Mentor magazine or call Paul on 0429 478 129.
  • Reflect on the main points you want to make or get across.
  • Make a list of those points if you need to.
  • Write compactly or flow to those points so your brothers get the essence of what you are saying, without getting too caught in “story”. If you do have a story to tell, what is the message behind it you want to make clear?
  • If you have several distinct points to make, don’t be afraid to use bullet points. (See what we did there?)

To ensure your article appears in the next issue, you are encouraged to submit your working drafts early, regularly, and before the deadline.

Copyright on published articles will belong to Mens Wellbeing.


If you have a service that you would like to publicise to the Mens Wellbeing community, you can purchase advertising in Mentor.

Rates and Sizes

Size Dimensions Price
Half page horizontal 18cm wide × 13cm high $195
Half page vertical 8.5cm wide × 27cm high $195
Quarter page 8.5cm wide × 13cm high $100
Eighth page/Business Card 8.5cm wide × 6.5cm high $55

There are no other sizes.

Prices include GST. You will be sent a tax invoice.

Copy Design

We recommend you hire a professional graphic designer for the production of your ad. Ads that are not camera-ready may not be published. Common reasons for rejection include pixilated graphics, poorly exposed photographs, and fonts not embedded in the file. Often very light colours do not print well in black and white so you should check what your advertisement looks like in mono before sending it.

Copy design is available from Paul Mischefski for bookings received at least a week before the deadline for camera-ready ads, and will cost extra. If you would like a quote for copy design, you can request this from


Mentor is distributed via the web while “hard” copies are printed in the traditional way for outreach and marketing. If you would like to receive hard copies of Mentor, please contact