Be a Member

Mens Wellbeing is an Incorporated Association and Registered Charity – this means we are a non-profit, membership-based organisation governed by a Management Committee elected by an annual meeting of the members. Membership supports the Association in important ways:

  • members guide and support the Management Committee as they develop and expand the activities of the Association;
  • membership fees defray operational costs for the Association and lower the entry barrier for men with less money.

Membership benefits you also with discounts to our events and a great community of friends!

Membership costs $44 per year!

Apply online.

Existing Members

Please note that attendance at a recent event does not guarantee your membership. Membership is annual, and expires on the anniversary of your joining date. If you paid the member’s price for a recent event, your membership may have expired since then. Existing members are contacted by email in the month before their membership is due to expire. To confirm you membership status email the or call 1300 13 88 50.